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If you own an interchangeable-lens camera system, chances are you own more than one lens. What’s more, there's a good chance the filter thread diameter sizes of one or more of your lenses differ from the other lenses.

Raynox provide an adopter which is made up of plastc. Whis the passage of time, it gets damage. If you use a proper lens adopter of high quality, you can use the lens for a longer period of time. At the same time, you can remove the len's UV filter and get a more sharp image.

An adopter for lens having 58 mm & 62mm filter thread


Diffuser camo.jpg

This is the most powerful and versatile diffuser with some imported quality materials. Following are the main features:

* It can be accommodated in simple laptop compartment

* Maximum lower panel use scope

* Branded high capacity power bank of 5200 mAh for a day long use

* Focus LED light of higher intensity for shooting in purely dark area assisting focus accuracy

* Very flexible unbreakable structure

* On/Off switch to maximize power utilization

* Very competitive price

* Avail best offer