Year-end feast

It was my year end journey to one of my favorite den in search of my subjects. Though I was not well prepared with my new gear set up which was only for testing to identify the improvement areas; I entered into a dense dry bushy zone. It was my intention to capture a rare moment for completing a photo story of one interesting spider. Suddenly I could spot a Neobrettus who was wandering in search of her food perhaps. I tried to focus on this tiny spider….and surprisingly I could spot peeping a Red Ant Mimic Jumping spider nicely camouflaged inside a thick cobweb.

I got an inner call from Mother Nature and stay there focusing on those subjects. The Neobrettus found proceeding towards the cobweb. At high magnification it was really tough to focus her. I was simply watching through my lens for an uncertain moment. It was a surprise jerks from the cobweb and the Red Ant Mimic Jumping spider all on a sudden attacked the Neobrettus.

The Neobrettus though tried to jump but failed to rescue her as the Red Ant Mimic Jumping spider was very fast and skilled for that situation. Ultimately the stronger won the battle and took her lovely year-end feast. That was all about HUNTER VS HUNTED relationship in Nature. Being a photo journalist, I got my satisfaction for the year-end journey on insect life.

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