Dew Drop Spider (Argyrodes antipodianus)

It has a conical abdomen that is mostly silver in colour. These small spiders (females to 3mm, males to 2.5mm) live on the edges of webs of large orb-weavers.The Dew Drop doesn't build a web of its own - it is found sharing the web of the much larger spiders such as the Golden Orb Weaver (Nephila sp.) and Garden Orb Weaver (Eriophora sp.). They shine like drops of dew in the large web of the Orb Weaver. They steal food from the host spider, a trait called kleptoparasitism. This is real safari stuff in your back yard - the Dew Drops are like the vultures that come in to share scraps from the kill. Some species can even prey upon the host. Last few years I spent for the video where the moment was captured when they considered the host as their prey.

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