Use of Insect Photography - an innovative concept

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Mother Nature has been kind enough with me. It is my belief that I end up being present at places where moments are being created and only when God wants me to click the shutter to create memories.

Good photographs are devoid of any rules. People do not trust paintings as they are mostly creative imagination from the artist’s mind but photographs are real.

It is said that photographs are not taken, they are made.  So in my mind, I visualize how a particular moment or subject or feeling would appear on the virtual world and on a print. If the result seems exciting, then I assume there is a good chance that it will make a presentable photograph. Photography is a form of creative art and a medium to communicate ideas that develops through experience.

Through the medium of photography, I intend to present my intuitive observation of Mother Nature which may have a different meaning to the spectators.

I would love to share a couple of small anecdotes here from my life…this helped me to realize the importance of Nature as Art. I was at a farewell gathering wherein almost at the end of the usual thanks giving program to the retired person, very silently I gifted him a framed photograph of my own subject. To my utter surprise, it was immediately removed off its wrapping. As the frame did the rounds from one hand to another, all the guests were amazed at the unique concept of presenting Mother Nature through framed photograph and the next few minutes were spent by them appreciating the photograph of my subject in the form of a gift. Not to mention, my destined retired person remained speechless for few seconds with awe and offered me a big hug ! This gave me immense satisfaction and also opened up a new thought process within me.

The next surprise came to me few months back when a close friend of mine invited me for a discussion with a business proposal in mind. To my amazement, he expressed his desire to decorate his upcoming restaurant walls with the photographs of very uncommon spiders shot by me. I was pretty curious as to how that would be accepted by all but he had his own mindset with beautiful explanation to present the same to his revered guests. His approach just assured me that things could be worked out to bring in Nature as an Art form in our day to day life.

I extend my experience and learning closely with Interior Decorators to bring Mother Nature into all possible areas where people have scope to express their love of Nature and respect towards Biodiversity. Not always are we able to enjoy the essence of Nature by travelling outside, hence the wish to have them in front.

Art exhibits are now a part of most of the wall decor in places like Educational Institutions, Offices, Restaurants and Cafes. Corporate offices prefer to showcase their interest and love for art by promoting Nature as a part of their CSR activity. We often come across such art work in their Guest areas, Corporate Magazines and Calendar (both table and wall).

Feel close to Mother Nature...feel stress free in your Board Rooms…feel the happiness of being in Her lap. Always…

You can see below few such innovative ways to appreciate Nature from the comfort of your home or office.

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Concept of image use in drawing room

Home dacor with IBMACRO images
Home dacor with IBMACRO images
Home dacor with IBMACRO images
Home dacor with IBMACRO images

Concept of image use in office chamber

Home dacor with IBMACRO images