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The Making of My Website

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

It has been almost nine years now that I have started my macro photography. I am proud to say that so far, it has been majorly a self-taught journey. As a beginner, when I used to roam around in the deep greens, I had no idea how beautiful this world of insects could be. Most of us are actually scared or rather ignorant of these little creatures. To us wildlife means tigers, elephants, lions or at the most the birds…but come out of the shell to think of it, even these little insects that form a part of the Universe are also a part of the so called wildlife.

Like all photographers, the initial wish to display my captures and my frames was the main factor for me to showcase my work on my Facebook account. It was the place where I would post my amateuristic (yes like an amateur) photographs. Slowly, people started liking them and that provided me a constant motivation and support to do better. Some were critical and some were mentoring me. I started following the seniors in the field and discovered that macro was an important branch of the