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Humanity is crossing all boundaries, threatening life on Earth. We are in front of a big question: Where precisely is the threshold of environmental change that biodiversity can withstand before it is destabilized and collapses planet wide? Enough is enough!!!

Biodiversity is essential for the processes that support all life on Earth, including humans. Let us protect & sustainably utilize this 'natural capital' for the wellbeing of both people and the planet!


It has been almost nine years now that I have started my macro photography. I am proud to say that so far, it has been majorly a self-taught journey. As a beginner, when I used to roam around in the deep greens, I had no idea how beautiful this world of insects could be. Most of us are actually scared or rather ignorant of these little creatures. To us wildlife means tigers, elephants, lions or at the most the birds…but come out of the shell to think of it, even these little insects that form a part of the Universe are also a part of the so called wildlife.

Like all photographers, the initial wish to display my captures and my frames was the main factor for me to showcase my work on my Facebook account. It was the place where I would post my amateuristic (yes like an amateur) photographs. Slowly, people started liking them and that provided me a constant motivation and support to do better. Some were critical and some were mentoring me. I started following the seniors in the field and discovered that macro was an important branch of the Wildlife photography that had immense potential to be explored. Thanks to the technology, Internet helped me in all ways and I started observing, watching, reading and learning from the best in the field. Choosing and arranging right gear was not an easy task either. While I did my homework, I had to constantly visit the forests and other locations in search of my subjects. It was tough; I had to develop my eyes and my vision to find them at those places where people most ignore. And trust me, as they say, Slow and Steady wins the race….no it was no race but the hunger for finding the unique little creatures kept me focused and I developed myself slowly.

Thanks to Facebook, people from across the world started to have a view of the macro pictures that I captured and encouraged every occasions. I wanted others to enjoy and learn about this beautiful small world. Their colorful and eventful life is equally interesting. Unless one gets to know about them, the fear for them will not disappear and till then, the little creatures would remain hidden and ignored. While I kept thinking what could be done best, my friends suggested me to start a website or something similar. The idea suited my likings and I kept it fresh in my mind while I visited the jungles and kept focusing on my subjects.

It was not an easy task…took me almost five months to fructify my thought into what you see today. Deciding what to write, what to highlight and what to share was a daunting task. Penning down about my life was not easy either. I wanted to have few details from my childhood mentioned so as people understand my modest background and upbringing. What I wanted to highlight more was the ethical values I practice and would like others in the same field to follow so that the natural habitat is not disturbed while we follow our passion. But, guess what the most challenging task was? None other than working on the technical aspect of the website! I am not a tech savvy person, I rather feel comfort handling gear than a website designing. Yet, I started taking the baby steps towards designing and creating and within few days….voila…it was taking shape…choosing the pictures to be show cased here was tough, few seemed too poorly captured, few had to be left behind for other needs, few needed processing for a good presentation.

I thank my family for their constant cooperation and support while I worked around my passion. I would like to thank my friends and well-wishers across the globe for their valuable comments that kept me motivated.

Do let me know what you would like to see more or read about through e-mail.

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