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Nature Camp

Nature exploration
Nature Photographer

Nature Photography Presentation for School, College & University

School Girl

"An opportunity to learn our nature and the biodiversity."

School Field Trip

In field Nature Study

Save the Planet

"Here's an opportunity  to learn nature in the field. They will learn how to see birds, butterflies, spiders, ants, beetles, bugs etc..

Broken Trunk
A Walk in Nature

Basic Photography Learning for Students, Kids, Housewives & Nature Lovers

This course takes you through all of the basic considerations that make up good photography. Topics covered range from choosing your subject to treating your final photos. After completing this course, you will be well on your way towards becoming a great photographer.

After operating Photography Life for more than a decade, I decided it is time to fill the gap for beginning photographers. As we see it, people should be able to start learning photography with little to no prior knowledge, dig down for a bit, and emerge with a solid understanding of the most important concepts. So, Photography Basics is a must.

Photography Basics

In macro photography, one question that I mostly face from many of the viewers is what makes certain award-winning images so spectacular and crisp? I have often asked myself the same question and personally, I feel the answer lies in proper selection of gear, accurate setting, technical skill and finally the experience. Add to that the love for Nature and the subjects. I have learnt that experimenting with various aspects of macro photography like selection of proper angle, proper exposure setting, light balance, proper posture and the art of focusing at fieldwork without appropriate guidance or knowledge may be a demotivating factor as chances of failure are high in macro photography.

People from around the world ask so many questions in regards to the different pictures from the Insect World that I post on Facebook on their various technical aspects but I could never answer them all. I have been a self-learner and have developed a passion to work with my own style.

I love the Biodiversity in Nature and one of my main focus is on the research work also. I will be happy if more and more people come forward to work for this little known Insect World. Once they witness the amazing nature of their life activities, they will become a passionate lover of these small wonders of Nature.

I highly appreciate and value those schools and Institutions who have photography as a part of their extra-curricular activities and hobby classes. Photography workshops during the weekends and summer camps will help instill love for Nature in the minds of today’s young generation.


Based on my on-the-field experiences and self-learning, I offer workshops on macro photography for all enthusiastic macro lovers.

The workshops are purely need based and highly customized. Hope after attending the workshop, your views about the insect world around you will change and you will be happy to capture those small creatures and their life. It will for sure open up a new world for each one of you. 


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