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Indranil Banerjee I Bio I Wildlife Photographer I Biologist I Researcher I Insect Photographer I Spider Photographer I Kolkata I India I

Kolkata, India

Path Of My Photography Journey

I was born and bred in rural Bengal in the laps of Mother Nature. Growing up amidst the green, I love her contributions in my life. When I was kid, I took my grandfather's reading magnifying glass to see the intricate beauty of small creatures. Though I am not an Entomologist by profession, watching insects/spiders and their behaviour and capturing them through my lenses is my passion.
This is not an easy journey on me either. Roaming in the wild places under the open sun, ignoring the pangs of thirst and hunger, huge level of patience is part of this journey. The world of insects/spiders always keep testing my patience. Moments will come on its own way…challenges are always plentiful…limitations are also many. Extensive fieldwork, study of their behaviour; all help me to shape up to what I am today…a novice in the world of Arthropod Photography as well as a Photojournalist.

Now I am a dedicated nature photographer on arthropod and I am pursuing my passion on my style. I prefer to create my own brand of documentary photography on their life which conveys an emotional connection with the small wonders and explores new avenues to create awareness among people. It is my desire to immerse myself more into my subjects to capture moments for the photo story of their behaviour that have seldom been seen before, let alone photographed.
Taking into consideration of photojournalism, presently I realized that video speaks more than simple photo-story based on moments. So, I thought about capturing moments through videography wherever possible. I have started learning this new skill set. This is a different ball game with different gear set up and most challenging part is the field execution. Though technology has improved, focusing and tracking a moving subject at higher magnification is the toughest part. Maintaining right exposure is also challenging as placement of external light and controlling the light intensity for right exposure is a different learning curve. More importantly, I must find solution of gear limitation in every situation.
As I present my passion of the unknown world to each one of you, I am thankful to my parents and my village that helped me to dream. I am thankful to my family for extending their support. I am thankful to all my seniors in the wildlife photography world who are a constant source of knowledge and learning. I am thankful to each one of my friends whose constant motivation pushes me towards success.


Discovery of spider Neobrettus first time from India is a major success in my photography carrier. Success means satisfaction in capturing the best moments and sharing with all. Success means understanding my limits. Success means working on my challenges. Success means a better presentation every time. Success means learning more from my failures.

Come and peep into my observations of Small Wonders.......!!!

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